21st of Last Seed

by Darxicus

It seems Jaree-Ra is the ‘representative’ of the Blackblood Marauders in Solitude, and has asked me to assist in setting up a wreck. Seems like dangerous ground to tread if the guards were to get on my trail. But so far it seems safe. Jaree has asked me to extinguish the Solitude Lighthouse in order to have a ship called the Icerunner run aground so the Marauders can plunder its contents. When I returned to the Solitude docks, Jaree informed me that the Icerunner has indeed failed to dock and therefore must have run aground on the eastern shoreline. I have been directed to meet with Deeja, his sister, at the wreck to collect my share of the loot.

Betrayed! Would you believe it! Everything seemed normal at the wreck, until Deeja proclaimed the loot has already been moved, and that I’ve earned a quick death. More like the Marauders have, if you catch my drift. I’m heading to Broken Oar Grotto which is where the loot has been taken, according to a note I found on Deeja. No Marauder will be spared.