Of Axes and Dragons

Journal of Darxicus Axe-Blade, a Nord roaming Skyrim

23rd of Last Seed

I have been accepted into the Companions, and now have a bed in Jorrvaskr. I have also been tasked with sorting out a problem with the Forsworn by clearing out Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt. That is a forsworn hideout though, and where there’s Forsworn, there’s usually a Hagraven. And those, I’ve been told, can be extremely deadly. I may want to delay clearing it out for the same reason as I’m delaying my trip to Bleak Falls.

I’m going to spend some more time in the city, then perhaps head to Riften to see what adventures I can find there.

Found a rock overhang with bandits in northwest of Whiterun while hunting for hides. Got rid of them, and took possession of both their plunder and their horse. Should prove useful.


22nd of Last Seed

Spent the night clearing out the Grotto. No Marauder has been spared. And Jaree? He never knew what hit him. Granted, it might just have been a steel arrow, but nonetheless, he’s dead now. The loot is mine, and what I can’t use, I’ll sell. Going to catch what few hours of sleep there’s left at the Winking Skeever.

It appears I have unknowingly assisted someone else by clearing out the Grotto. Ahtar, Solitude’s executioner, accidentally let the leader of the Grotto, some Hargar fellow who calls himself a captain, free and needed someone to make sure he didn’t show up to disprove Ahtar’s claim that he died during questioning. A tidy sum of gold now sits in my coin purse. Off to sell some of the loot from the Icerunner.

I’ve been thinking. I’m not one for passive life, like in a town or city. That was my life back in Cyrodiil. It may have been free of most dangers, but I enjoy living life free and taking risks like I have been doing here in Skyrim much more. I heard the Companions in Whiterun travel all over Skyrim as blades for hire and problem-solvers, so I’m heading back to Whiterun to see if I can join up.

Arrived in Whiterun. Tomorrow morning, I’m headed to Jorrvaskr.

21st of Last Seed

It seems Jaree-Ra is the ‘representative’ of the Blackblood Marauders in Solitude, and has asked me to assist in setting up a wreck. Seems like dangerous ground to tread if the guards were to get on my trail. But so far it seems safe. Jaree has asked me to extinguish the Solitude Lighthouse in order to have a ship called the Icerunner run aground so the Marauders can plunder its contents. When I returned to the Solitude docks, Jaree informed me that the Icerunner has indeed failed to dock and therefore must have run aground on the eastern shoreline. I have been directed to meet with Deeja, his sister, at the wreck to collect my share of the loot.

Betrayed! Would you believe it! Everything seemed normal at the wreck, until Deeja proclaimed the loot has already been moved, and that I’ve earned a quick death. More like the Marauders have, if you catch my drift. I’m heading to Broken Oar Grotto which is where the loot has been taken, according to a note I found on Deeja. No Marauder will be spared.