20th of Last Seed

by Darxicus

I arrived in Solitude early this morning, and rented a bed at the Winking Skeever Inn. I was woken up at sunrise by some ruckus outside. Turns out it was an execution. A guard had apparently opened the main gate for Ulfric Stormcloak after he murdered the High King of Skyrim just yesterday. Must have been something to see. I’m heading up to Castle Dour after breakfast at the inn and perhaps visiting some of the shops and stalls at the market.

I have officially joined the Imperial Legion. I cleared out Fort Hraggstad to prove myself to Legate Rikke, who handles the local recruits. She will inform me by letter once there is something I can do for the Legion.

Tomorrow I’m going to see what Jaree-Ra wants. He’s the Argonian hanging around the Wells District looking for someone to hire for something.