18th of Last Seed

by Darxicus

Yesterday evening I smithed me some good leather armor and bracers. This should provide good protection against things like wolves and the occasional bandit. I also managed to resolve a love triangle in Faendal’s (a Bosmer working at the mill here) favor, and he will be travelling with me to assist in any fight I get into.


The Jarl has been informed of the danger Riverwood is in, and a detachment of guards have been sent over.

The Jarl introduced me to Farengar, his court wizard, who has asked me to retrieve a stone tablet, some “Dragonstone” from Bleak Falls Barrow, a ruin built by the Nords of ancient times into the mountain overshadowing Riverwood.

I’m staying in the Bannered Mare tonight, and I’m thinking of going out to the plains tomorrow to hunt for hides to complete and improve my set of leather armor. I may also pay a visit to the Temple of Kynareth right here in Whiterun.